Crowberry Capital invests in Danish Dreamdata

Danish B2B revenue attribution platform Dreamdata, recently announced a $4.4m investment co-led by Icelandic VC fund Crowberry Capital. While Northstack generally doesn’t cover non-foreign funding rounds, this marks the fourth disclosed foreign funding round Crowberry participates in, showing an emphasis on participating in the international funding landscape.

In a talk with Northstack, Jenný Ruth Hrafnsdóttir, co-founder and GP at Crowberry Capital commented: “Innovation is a global sport so it’s always been a part of our strategy to find great opportunities outside of Iceland. Not only does it broaden our horizon, it puts Iceland on the map for our co-investors, as they now have collaborated with an Icelandic VC fund.”

Crowberry previously invested in Elsa Science, Engaging Care, and Berlin based, which is co-founded by former Clara co-founder Jón Eðvald.

Note: Northstack counts investments as “foreign” when the companies do not have a footprint in Iceland.