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Lawrence Lessig to design politics in Klang’s new game, Seed

Lawrence Lessig, law professor at Harvard and founder of Creative Commons, will assist indy game studio Klang with designing the politics of their upcoming massively multiplayer online game Seed. This is reported in Venture Beat.

Lessig happened to meet Mundi Vondi, CEO of Klang, and start talking about games.

“After talking for a while, we moved on to how they were going to govern these places, the structure for governing,” Lessig said in an interview with GamesBeat. “It was clear that no one had really thought through that much. That’s what began our conversation about whether there was something fun to experiment with here.”

Seed is a continuous, persistent simulation where players are tasked with colonizing an exoplanet through collaboration, conflict, and other player-to-player interaction. Using unique gameplay based on managing multiple characters in real-time, communities are built even when players are logged off, allowing the world of Seed to be a living, breathing entity.

“We’re building a virtual world filled with vast, player-created communities where every player-action has a repercussion in the game world,” Vondi said in a statement. “For example, a player might chop down a tree, which affects the planet’s ecosystem. This wood can then be sold on, which has an impact on the economy, and if the player chooses to, use the money to bribe another player, which affects the balance of power. We create and provide the tools and incentives to build these communities…the rest is up to the players.”

Klang Games, which is based in Berlin, was founded by a group of Icelanders. They previously released ReRunners, a multiplayer endless runner. The company has raised an undisclosed amount from Greylock Partners, MIT Media Lab founder Joi Ito, and Unity’s Davíð Helgason.

Pharmaceutical company 3Z raises $400K seed round

3Z pharmaceuticals has closed a $400K seed round. The investors were Swiss biotech companies Baliopharm and Probiocon, as well as previous investors NSA Ventures and Sigþór Sigmarsson.

“3Z offers a unique technology to speed up the development of innovative drugs for the treatment of all kind of neurological disorders,” says Andreas Hermann of Baliopharm and Probiocon, who will join the company’s board of directors.

3Z pharmaceuticals is a contract research company focusing on the discovery of Central Nervous System (CNS) drugs. It provides pharmaceutical companies with expert services in high throughput screening of small molecule libraries for CNS effects diseases like epilepsy, Parkinson‘s disease, Insomnia and ALS.

Dr. Andreas Hermann and Dr. Karl Ægir Karlsson

Dr. Andreas Hermann and Dr. Karl Ægir Karlsson

The company was founded in 2008 by Karl Ægir Karlsson and Haraldur Þorsteinsson with support of Reykjavik University Resarch Lab. With the investment, the company aims at focusing on sales, as well as preparing for an A round.

“For 3Z this is a giant step towards bringing to market what we believe is an excellent solution for a large number of companies,” Karl says. “After years of R&D, proof-of-principle studies we are ready for take-off.”

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Radiant Games á Startup Bootcamp Alumni Summit í London

Vignir Örn Guðmundsson, framkvæmdastjóri Radiant Games, er þessa stundina í London á Startup Bootcamp Alumni viðburði.

Radiant Games er ekki útskrifað úr Startup Bootcamp, og verður fyrirtækið þar sem external startup, sem samkvæmt Vigni er invitation only. Möguleikinn kom uppá borð hjá þeim fyrir stuttu og þeir ákváðu að slá til.

„Þetta er frábært tækifæri fyrir okkur að halda áfram að tengjast evrópskum fjárfestasjóðum,“ segir Vignir. „Að mæta á þennan viðburð er liður í vinnu okkar að sækja seed fjármagn. Markmiðið er að mynda tengingar við sjóði sem hafa áhuga á að skoða það að taka frekar þátt í seed fjármögnun hjá okkur.“ Radiant Games var nýlega á Nordic Game ráðstefnunni í svipuðum erindum.

Meðal gesta á ráðstefnunni eru virtir sjóðir eins og Accel Partners og Google Ventures.

Radiant Games hafa áður fengið um 45 milljónir í styrki frá Tækniþróunarsjóði.

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