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Nordic Startup Awards open for votes

The annual Nordic Startup Awards have opened for votes by the public. The first round of votes will be between local – Icelandic – finalists. The winner of each category will then compete against their counterparts in the other nordic countries.

This year, awards will be granted in the following categories:

  • Startup of the year
  • Best newcomer
  • Best bootstrapped
  • Best fintech startup
  • Best health / lifestyle tech startup
  • Best IoT startup
  • Best social impact startup
  • Founder of the year
  • Best accelerator program
  • Best coworking space
  • Investor of the year
  • Best startup ecosystem initiative

You can see the shortlist of nominees for Iceland here, and cast your vote here.

Rosamosi’s newest release – Mussila Planets – available in App stores

Icelandic game studio Rosamosi has released its fourth installment in it’s series of music educating games – Mussila Planets. The game is available in the Icelandic Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store now.

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Travelade wants to solve overcrowding in tourism, starting in Iceland

Travelade, Icelandic travel-tech startup focused on helping travelers personalise their experience, launched their new webpage today. The company aims to expand to four more countries by the end of the year.

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The ten companies participating in Startup Reykjavik 2017

Icelandic Startups and Arion Bank yesterday announced which ten companies will be participating in the Startup Reykjavik 2017 accelerator program. The companies will participate in a 10 week mentor-driven accelerator, share an office, access to mentors, and receive 2.4mISK (~$20k) in seed funding from Arion Bank in exchange a 6% equity stake.

This is the 6th time the accelerator program is run, and as such has become a staple in the Icelandic ecosystem. Companies that have graduated and later received equity funding include Activity Stream, Wasabi Iceland and Data Drive.

This year’s companies are:

  • Myrkur: A game development company founded in 2016 that is now working on developing and producing a new fantasy role-playing game.
  • My Shopover:  Connecting tourists with locals through shopping. Using the concept of a personal shopper and with the help of chat bot, people can either meet face to face or chat online with a local assistant.
  • Flow Education: Á comprehensive individualized education system, based on cutting edge psychological research and modern technology, designed specifically to teach children at an accelerated rate. 
  • Bone&Marrow: Our human ancestor were remarkably healthy. If not killed by warfare or accidents, they could live until their eighties. Their daily activity and food made them so healthy. Nowadays, people seem riddled with disease and health problems. Some expert argue that our nutrition has changed too much. Ancestral nutrition needs to be reintroduced for the modern man. Bone and Marrow aims to do that. 
  • Maul: Building an office catering platform, designed for employees lunch. Each Friday they select their preferences for the following week, having a choice of two or three dishes each day.
  • Itogha:  Providing users with a simple blood spot test to identify certain risk factors related to lifestyle diseases, such as high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. The company also provides ready-made food products, developed in cooperation with chefs and scientists, to reduce this risk according to the needs of each user.
  • Zifra Tech: Developing a memory card that can encrypt any recording in real time. First use is for journalist to protect themsleves, their stories, and their sources.
  • Safe Seat: Designing and producing suspension seats for speedboats in a cheaper way making them available and feasible for manufacturers.
  • Data Plato: A data driven financial management system for companies that utilizes artificial intelligence to create your own virtual CFO.
  • Porcelain Fortress: A game studio with the mission is to develop and publish simple, fun and well-polished games for PCs and consoles.

Brad Burnham, Jerry Colonna, Ida Tin and more among speakers at Startup Iceland

Startup Iceland, the annual startup conference, will be held for the sixth time on May 31. This year’s theme is Personal Data, Health, Wellness and Technology – focusing both on the health of the founder, and health in general.

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The nine companies that pitched at Startup Tourism

The final event of Startup Tourism was held in Tjarnarbíó on April 28th. Nine new companies in tourism pitched their business ideas to a room full of investors, key players in the tourism sector and other guests.

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First public Women Tech Iceland event on May 4th

Women Tech Iceland is hosting its first public meet up on May 4th. The event is hosted by Rannís, with TeqHire and Frumtak Ventures providing refreshments and co-organising the event.

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Tulipop announces animated webseries in collaboration with WildBrain

The characters of Icelandic lifestyle brand Tulipop – which raised a $2m round last summer – just announced a new animated webseries in collaboration with WildBrain.

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Skaginn 3X wins Icelandic Innovation Award

Skaginn 3X, maker of freezing, chilling, and processing equipment for the fishing industry, was awarded the Icelandic Innovation Award at Nýsköpunarþing 2017 (Innovation Day 2017).

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Kerecis’ Omega3 product now covered by Medicare in all 50 US States

Kerecis, the company using fish skin to heal human wounds and tissue damage, will present results of eight studies of its technology at the Symposium for the Advancement of Wound Care (SAWC) meeting to be held April 5 to 9. The company also announced that Medicare now reimburses for its fish-skin treatment nationwide.

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